Continuous Testing in DevOps


Continuous Testing in DevOps

In this course, you will be introduced to Continuous Development, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Testing by working on tools such as Git, Jenkins, Maven, and Selenium to automate multiple steps in the Software Testing Life Cycle.

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Apr 03rd SAT & SUN (3 WEEKS) Weekend Batch SOLD OUT Timings – 07:00 AM to 10:00 AM (IST)
Jun 26th SAT & SUN (3 WEEKS) Weekend Batch ⚡FILLING FAST Timings – 08:30 PM to 11:30 PM (IST)
Aug 14th SAT & SUN (3 WEEKS) Weekend Batch Timings – 07:00 AM to 10:00 AM (IST)

Overview of DevOps

Learning Objective: In this module, you will be introduced to the DevOps environment. You will get an overview of how the complete DevOps delivery pipeline works and how the DevOps ecosystem assists it.


  • Why DevOps
  • What is DevOps
  • DevOps market trends
  • DevOps Engineer skills
  • DevOps delivery pipeline
  • DevOps ecosystem

Version Control with Git

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to install Git and gain insight into the functionalities of Version Control using Git.


  • What is Version Control
  • What is Git
  • Why Git for your organization
  • Install Git
  • Working with remote repositories
  • Branching and merging in Git
  • Git workflows
  • Git cheat sheet
  • Implementation of Git in an CertAdda project

Hands On:

  • Git installation, Version Control, branching and merging of code

Continuous Integration with Jenkins

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to perform continuous integration with Jenkins by building and automating test cases using Maven


  • What is CI
  • Why CI is required
  • Introduction to Jenkins (with architecture)
  • Introduction to Maven
  • Jenkins management
  • Building a delivery pipeline
  • Implementation of Jenkins in an CertAdda project

Hands On:

  • Build and automation of Test using Jenkins and Maven

Continuous Testing with Selenium

Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn about Selenium and how to automate your test cases for testing web elements. You will also get introduced to X-Path, TestNG and integrate Selenium with Jenkins.


  • Introduction to Selenium
  • Why Selenium
  • Selenium – Webdriver
  • Creating test cases in Selenium WebDriver (waits)
  • What is X-Path and why use it
  • Handling different controls on a webpage
  • Framework in Selenium
  • Selenium integration with Jenkins
  • Implementation of Selenium in an CertAdda project

Hands On:

  • Installing Selenium
  • Creating test cases in Selenium WebDriver
  • Integrating Selenium with Jenkins

About Continuous Testing in DevOps Training

CertAdda’s Continuous Testing in DevOps training provides you in-depth knowledge on various tools like Git, Jenkins, Maven, and Selenium. The course will teach you how to integrate and build projects through Continuous Integration using Jenkins. You will gain insights on Continuous Development and Continuous Testing of software throughout the development life cycle.

What will you learn as a part of this course?

DevOps improves collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure and workflows and continuously measuring application performance. In this course, you will learn about Version Control, Continuous Integration, and Continuous Testing.

Who should go for this course?

This course is designed for professionals with work experience in any of the below mentioned profiles:

  • Software Tester
  • Solution Architect
  • Application Developers
  • Integration Specialist

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

The following are the prerequisites for taking up this course:

  • Understanding of SDLC
  • Understanding of Java

To help you brush up these skills, you will get the Java Essentials self-paced videos as complimentary.

What are the system requirements for this course?

The system requirements include Windows / Mac / Linux PC, minimum 4GB RAM, 20 GB HDD Storage and processor, i3 or above.

How will I execute the practicals in this course?

For a single instance deployment, you can refer to the Installation guide that will be in your LMS and install it on your Windows/Mac/ Linux systems.

Which Case-Studies will be a part of this course?

This Course contains Case Studies that will enable you to reinforce the concepts that you learn as part of the Class.

What if I miss a class?

You will never miss a lecture at Edureka! You can choose either of the two options: View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS or You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.

What if I have queries after I complete this course?

Your access to the Support Team is for lifetime and will be available 24/7. The team will help you in resolving queries, during and after the course.

How soon after Signing up would I get access to the Learning Content?

Post-enrolment, the LMS access will be instantly provided to you and will be available for lifetime. You will be able to access the complete set of previous class recordings, PPTs, PDFs, assignments. Moreover the access to our 24×7 support team will be granted instantly as well. You can start learning right away.

Is the course material accessible to the students even after the course training is over?

Yes, the access to the course material will be available for lifetime once you have enrolled into the course.