Python Scripting Certification Training


Python Scripting Certification Training

Python Scripting allows programmers to build applications easily and rapidly. This course is an introduction to Python scripting, which focuses on the concepts of Python. It will help you to perform operations on variable types. You will learn the importance of Python in real time environment and will be able to develop applications based on the Object-Oriented Programming concept.

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Introduction to Python

Answer: Learning Objective: Give a brief idea of what Python is and touch on the basics. Topics: Overview of Python The Companies using Python Other applications in which Python is used Discuss Python Scripts on UNIX/Windows Variables Operands and Expressions Conditional Statements Loops Command Line Arguments Writing to the screen Hands-On: Creating “Hello World” code Variables Demonstrating Conditional Statements Demonstrating Loops

Sequences and File Operations

Answer: Learning Objective: Learn different types of sequence structures, related operations, and their usage. Also learn diverse ways of opening, reading, and writing to files. Topics: Python files I/O Functions Lists and related operations Tuples and related operations Strings and related operations Sets and related operations Dictionaries and related operations Hands-On: Tuple - properties, related operations, compared with list List - properties, related operations Dictionary - properties, related operations Set - properties, related operations

Deep Dive – Functions, OOPs, Modules, Errors and Exceptions

Answer: Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn how to create generic python scripts, how to address errors/exceptions in code, and finally how to extract/filter content using regex. Topics: Functions Function Parameters Global variables Variable scope and Returning Values Lambda Functions Object Oriented Concepts Standard Libraries Modules Used in Python (OS, Sys, Date and Time etc.) The Import statements Module search path Package installation ways Errors and Exception Handling Handling multiple exceptions Hands-On: Functions - syntax, arguments, keyword arguments, return values Lambda - features, syntax, options, compared with the functions Sorting - sequences, dictionaries, limitations of sorting Errors and exceptions - types of issues, remediation Packages and module - modules, import options, sys path

Introduction to NumPy & Pandas

Answer: Learning Objective: This Module helps you get familiar with the basics of statistics, different types of measures and probability distributions, and the supporting libraries in Python that assist in these operations. Topics: NumPy - arrays Operations on arrays Indexing slicing and iterating Reading and writing arrays on files Pandas - data structures & index operations Reading and Writing data from Excel/CSV formats into Pandas Hands-On: NumPy library- Installation, Creating NumPy array, operations performed on NumPy array Pandas library- Installation, creating series and dataframes, Importing and exporting data

Data visualization

Answer: Learning Objective: In this module, you will learn in detail about data visualization Topics: matplotlib library Grids, axes, plots Markers, colours, fonts and styling Types of plots - bar graphs, pie charts, histograms Contour plots Hands-On: Matplotlib - Installation, Using Scatterplot, histogram,bar graph, pie chart to show information, Styling of Plot

About Python Scripting Course

Answer: This course focuses on Introduction to Programming and Scripting, Data Handling, Object-oriented Programming, Exception Handling, Collections and different networking concepts.

Why Learn Python Scripting?

Answer: You will learn the importance of Python in real time environment and will be able to develop applications based on Object-oriented Programming concept. At the end of this course, you will be able to develop networking applications with suitable GUI.

What are the objectives of our Python Scripting Certification Training?

Answer: After completing this course, you will be able to: Know the concepts related to Python as a programming language Comprehend the Scripting concepts Understand the importance of Python in real time environment Understand data types, operators, decision making statements and loops Create and execute functions and modules (Boto3) Create networking application with proper GUI Develop applications based on Object Oriented Programming

Who should go for this training?

Answer: The following professionals can go for this Python Scripting course: Programmers, Developers, Technical Leads, Architects Business Analysts Data Scientists, Data Analysts

What are the pre-requisites for this Course?

Answer: Basic understanding of Computer Programming languages and basic concepts related to Data analysis.

What are the system requirements for this course?

Answer: The system requirement for Python course is a system with an Intel i3 processor or above, minimum 3GB RAM (4GB recommended) and an operating system can be of 32bit or 64 bit.

How will I execute the practicals?

Answer: You will do your Assignments/Case Studies using PyCharm IDE. For any doubt, the 24*7 support team will promptly assist you.

What if I miss a class?

Answer: \"You will never miss a lecture at CertAddda You can choose either of the two options: View the recorded session of the class available in your LMS. You can attend the missed session, in any other live batch.\"

What if I have queries after I complete this course?

Answer: Your access to the Support Team is for lifetime and will be available 24/7. The team will help you in resolving queries, during and after the course.

Do I get any assistance from CertAdda to fill up the application form?

Answer: Yes, we will guide you on how to apply & fill up the ACP® application form in PMI® website. You can use the following link to apply for examination: Apply for Exam

Will I get placement assistance?

Answer: To help you in this endeavor, we have added a resume builder tool in your LMS. Now, you will be able to create a winning resume in just 3 easy steps. You will have unlimited access to use these templates across different roles and designations. All you need to do is, log in to your LMS and click on the \"create your resume\" option.