ChatGPT-4 Complete Course: Beginners to Advanced


ChatGPT-4 Complete Course: Beginners to Advanced

Advance your AI knowledge and expertise with CertAdda comprehensive ChatGPT certification training program. This comprehensive training covers the fundamentals of ChatGPT and its business use cases, as well as designing web applications, and integrating ChatGPT into your business workflows. You’ll also learn about GPT models, pre-processing, fine-tuning, and working with OpenAI and the ChatGPT API and also get a sneak peek into the future with GPT-4 and ChatGPT Plus. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to upskill and stand out in the digital marketplace!


Instructor-led ChatGPT Complete Course live online classes




May 26th FRI & SAT (3 WEEKS) Weekend Batch Timings – 09:30 PM to 12:30 AM (EDT)
Jun 09th FRI & SAT (3 WEEKS) Weekend Batch ⚡FILLING FAST Timings – 09:30 PM to 12:30 AM (EDT)
Jun 24th SAT & SUN (3 WEEKS) Weekend Batch ⚡FILLING FAST  Timings – 11:00 AM to 02:00 PM (EDT)


Introduction to OpenAI and ChatGPT


  • Emergence of ChatGPT
  • What is ChatGPT?
  • How does ChatGPT work?
  • Applications of ChatGPT
  • Introduction to OpenAI and its role in NLP and AI
  • Overview of OpenAI’s GPT models (e.g., GPT-2 and GPT-3)
  • Environment setup
  • Sign up for an OpenAI API account

Business Use Cases of ChatGPT


  • Using ChatGPT for live coding
  • Build, optimize, and scale business using ChatGPT
  • Advanced SEO for digital marketers
  • Creating social media posts with ChatGPT
  • Using ChatGPT for language translation
  • Using ChatGPT for YouTube scripts
  • Code generation and code debugging with ChatGPT
  • Content creation with ChatGPT
  • Question answering
  • Sentiment analysis

Developing Web Application using ChatGPT


  • Building web development architecture
  • Building backend server
  • Setting up the database
  • Setting up a React-based client-side application
  • Writing user API requests to MongoDB with Express and React
  • Fetching and updating the database with MongoDB API and routing with Express
  • Routing to React-based client-side application
  • Debugging and client-side coding

Deploying and Integrating ChatGPT in Business Applications


  • Create serverless ChatGPT
  • Integrate ChatGPT with Power Automate
  • Integrate ChatGPT with Power Apps
  • Integrate ChatGPT with Outlook
  • Integrate ChatGPT with Bubble
  • Integrate ChatGPT with Airtable
  • Deployment on cloud platforms

GPT Models, Pre-processing and Fine-tuning ChatGPT (Self-paced)


  • Overview of language models
  • Understanding the architecture of the GPT model
  • GPT models: advantages and disadvantages
  • Overview of the pre-trained GPT models available for fine-tuning
  • Training of ChatGPT
  • Data preparation
  • Model architecture
  • Hyperparameter tuning
  • Training process

Working with GPT-3 and OpenAI API (Self-paced)


  • Introduction to GPT-3 and its capabilities
  • Democratizing NLP
  • Understanding prompts, completions, and tokens
  • Understanding GPT-3 risks
  • Understanding general GPT-3 use cases
  • Content filtering
  • Sentiment analysis using GPT-3
  • Text summarization using GPT-3
  • Question answering and information retrieval
  • Introducing the Playground
  • Handling text generation and classification tasks
  • Understanding semantic search
  • Understanding APIs
  • Getting familiar with HTTP
  • Reviewing the OpenAI API endpoints
  • Introducing CURL and Postman
  • Understanding API authentication
  • Making an authenticated request to the OpenAI API
  • Introducing JSON
  • Using the Completions endpoint
  • Using the Semantic Search endpoint

Building and Deploying GPT-3 Powered Application (Self-paced)


  • Setting up the GPT-3 API and integrating it into projects
  • Building conversational AI for finance and e-commerce domain
  • Strengths and limitations of GPT-3 in building conversational AI
  • Scaling and deploying GPT-3 models to production

Building Real-world Applications with OpenAI API and ChatGPT (Self-paced)


  • Build and deploy ChatGPT AI app
  • Build diet planning application
  • Build a website and create landing page content using ChatGPT

ChatGPT: Best Practices, Limitations, and Avenues for Future Development (Self-paced)


  • Ethical considerations
  • Limitations of ChatGPT
  • Best practices for using ChatGPT
  • Future developments in the field of ChatGPT
  • Opportunities for further learning and research

What is the ChatGPT Certification Training Course?

CertAdda’s ChatGPT Certification Training Course will teach you about ChatGPT architecture, GPT models, methodology, and real-world applications. The ChatGPT certification training program is an excellent choice for individuals and organizations seeking to improve their language processing and AI skills and knowledge. The certification provides a thorough understanding of ChatGPT and its capabilities, allowing users to effectively use its features in a variety of applications. Furthermore, ChatGPT is a rapidly growing field, and with the certification, one can stay ahead of the curve and up-to-date on the latest industry advancements.

Why take up the Online ChatGPT Certification Course?

Interested individuals can opt for the Online ChatGPT Certification course as this course provides:
  • Comprehensive knowledge: The course provides a comprehensive understanding of ChatGPT, including its architecture, training methodology, and real-world applications.
  • Career advancement: The certification demonstrates an individual’s expertise and competence in working with ChatGPT, making them a valuable asset to any organization.
  • Stay ahead of the curve: ChatGPT is a rapidly growing field, and with the certification, one can stay ahead of the curve and stay updated with the latest advancements in the industry.
  • Enhance skills: The course provides practical skills and knowledge that can be applied to various areas and industries.
  • Convenient and flexible: The online format of the course allows for flexible and convenient learning, making it possible for individuals to study at their own pace.

How will ChatGPT help your career?

ChatGPT can help your career in several ways, including:
  • Career advancement: By demonstrating your expertise and competence in working with ChatGPT, you can become a valuable asset to any organization.
  • In-demand skills: ChatGPT is a rapidly growing field, and as such, having knowledge and skills in working with the model is becoming increasingly in demand.
  • Enhance productivity: By leveraging ChatGPT’s capabilities, you can automate certain tasks and work more efficiently.
  • New job opportunities: As more organizations adopt AI and ChatGPT, new job opportunities in the field will become available.
  • Improved knowledge: The training and certification in ChatGPT provides a comprehensive understanding of the model and its capabilities, improving your overall knowledge and expertise in the field of AI.

What are the essential concepts covered in this ChatGPT Certification Course?

The essential concepts covered in the ChatGPT Certification Course include:
  • Overview of ChatGPT: The history and background of ChatGPT, its architecture and training methodology, and its place in the field of AI.
  • ChatGPT applications: The various applications of ChatGPT, including customer service, language translation, and content generation.
  • Technical details: The technical details of ChatGPT, including its deep neural network architecture, training methodology, and language processing techniques.
  • Use cases: Real-world use cases of ChatGPT, including how it is being used by organizations in various industries.
  • Best practices: Best practices for working with ChatGPT, including how to fine-tune the model and evaluate its performance.
  • Integration with other tools: Integration of ChatGPT with other tools and platforms.
  • Ethical considerations: Ethical considerations related to the use of ChatGPT and AI, including privacy, security, and algorithmic bias.

Who should take up this ChatGPT Certification Course?

The ChatGPT Certification Course is suitable for a wide range of individuals, including:
  • AI professionals: This course is ideal for AI professionals who want to gain expertise in ChatGPT and expand their knowledge in the field of AI.
  • Developers: Developers who want to integrate ChatGPT into their projects and create new AI applications can benefit from the course.
  • Data scientists: Data scientists who want to understand how ChatGPT can be used to process and analyze large amounts of data can also benefit from the course.
  • Business professionals: Business professionals who want to leverage ChatGPT for customer service, content generation, and other business applications can benefit from the course.
  • Anyone interested in AI: The course is also suitable for individuals who are interested in AI and want to learn more about the latest developments in the field.

What are the basic skills of a ChatGPT Professional?

A ChatGPT professional should have the following basic skills:
  • Knowledge of NLP: A strong understanding of NLP concepts and techniques is essential for working with the ChatGPT language model. This includes knowledge of text preprocessing, feature extraction, and model training and evaluation.
  • Knowledge of GPT-3: Familiarity with the GPT-3 language model, its architecture, and its capabilities is crucial for effectively leveraging ChatGPT. This includes understanding how the model works, what it can and cannot do, and how to use the ChatGPT API provided by OpenAI.
  • Python Programming: Proficiency in Python programming is necessary for working with ChatGPT, as the API provided by OpenAI is Python-based. Knowledge of libraries such as NumPy, Pandas, and PyTorch is also useful.
  • Machine Learning: Familiarity with machine learning concepts and techniques is important for using ChatGPT effectively. This includes knowledge of supervised and unsupervised learning, deep learning, and neural networks.
  • Problem Solving: The ability to analyze and solve problems is crucial for working with ChatGPT. This includes the ability to identify the right NLP techniques for a given task, determine the most appropriate features to use, and debug and optimize models.

What are the prerequisites for this ChatGPT Certification Training Course?

The prerequisites for a ChatGPT certification training course may include:
  • Background in Python Programming
  • Background in NLP
  • Fundamental knowledge in Machine Learning
  • Problem Solving Skills

What are the system requirements for this ChatGPT Certification Training?

The system requirements for a ChatGPT certification training course include:
  • A computer: A laptop or desktop computer with sufficient processing power and memory to run NLP and machine learning models is required.
  • An internet connection: A stable and high-speed internet connection is necessary for accessing online course materials, videos, and software.
  • Operating System: A modern operating system, such as Windows 10, macOS, or Linux, is required.
  • Python Environment: A Python environment, such as Anaconda, is necessary for working with the ChatGPT API and other NLP and machine learning tools.
  • OpenAI API Access: Access to the OpenAI API is required for hands-on experience working with the model.

How will I execute the practicals in this ChatGPT Certification Training Course?

Practical for this course will be implemented using Python, OpenAI API, VS Code and Jupyter Notebook. Detailed step-by-step installation guides are available on the LMS. In case you come across any doubt, the 24*7 support team will promptly assist you.

What Do I need to unlock CertAdda's ChatGPT Certification Training Certificate ?

To unlock the CertAdda’s ChatGPT Training course completion certificate, you must ensure the following:
  • Completely participate in this ChatGPT Certification Training Course.
  • Evaluation and completion of the quizzes and projects listed.

Is Generative AI a good career option ?

Generative AI is a rapidly growing field and can be a good career option for individuals who are interested in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Here are some reasons why:
  • High demand: With the increasing use of AI in various industries, there is a growing demand for professionals with expertise in generative AI.
  • Career growth: The field of generative AI is rapidly evolving, and as such, individuals who specialize in this area have opportunities for career growth and advancement.
  • High salaries: Generative AI professionals are in high demand, and as such, they often command high salaries.
  • Exciting work: Generative AI involves creating new and innovative AI solutions, making it an exciting and challenging area to work in.
  • Opportunities in various industries: Generative AI is used in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, finance, and entertainment, providing opportunities for individuals to work in various fields.

How can beginners leverage ChatGPT?

Beginners can leverage ChatGPT by using it as a tool for generating human-like text based on the input they provide. This can be useful in a variety of applications, such as:
  • Chatbots: You can train ChatGPT bot to respond to customer inquiries in a conversational manner, creating a natural language interface for your business.
  • Text generation: You can use ChatGPT chatbot to generate new text, such as articles, stories, and poetry, based on a prompt or seed text.
  • Question answering: You can use ChatGPT to answer questions, providing quick and concise responses based on its training data.
  • Language translation: You can use ChatGPT to translate text from one language to another, providing quick and accurate translations for various use cases.

What is the value of ChatGPT Certification?

ChatGPT certification is a way to demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in using the OpenAI’s GPT-3 language model for various natural language processing tasks. The value of ChatGPT certification can be subjective and depends on the individual’s career goals and the industry they work in.
Here are a few potential benefits of obtaining a ChatGPT certification:
  • Validation of skills: ChatGPT certification can serve as validation of an individual’s ability to work with the GPT-3 language model, demonstrating their knowledge and expertise in the field.
  • Career advancement: In industries where ChatGPT and natural language processing are relevant, having a certification can make an individual stand out in the job market and potentially lead to career advancement opportunities.

What are the different job roles available after ChatGPT Certification?

After obtaining ChatGPT certification, you may be qualified for a range of job roles in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language processing (NLP). Some of the more specific job roles you may be qualified for include:
  • NLP Engineer
  • Chatbot Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • AI Engineer
  • Content Creator
  • Social Media Influencer
  • Digital Marketer

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