JavaScript and JQuery Essentials Training

Become an expert in Responsive Web Development’ by mastering the advanced concepts of javascript and JQuery.

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Online self paced classes

Online Self Learning Courses are designed for self-directed training, allowing participants to begin at their convenience with structured training and review exercises to reinforce learning. You’ll learn through videos, PPTs and complete assignments, projects and other activities designed to enhance learning outcomes, all at times that are most convenient to you.

Introduction to JavaScript

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn the concepts of scripting on client-side and fundamentals of JavaScript. After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Understand the basics of JavaScript programming
  • Reduce the load of the server
  • Use variables and their datatypes
  • Handle conditional statements in your program


  • History and Introduction
  • Variables
  • Data types
  • Type Conversions
  • Operators
  • Conditional statements


  • Implementing JavaScript on your HTML page
  • Defining of variables and type conversion of datatypes

Functions and Internal Memory Management

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn the memory management and process of function execution. After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Minimize your code size by using reusable codes i.e., Functions
  • Analyze Internal Memory Management in JavaScript
  • Identify the type of declaration that should be applied for a variable
  • Explain the concept of Variable Shadowing and Closures
  • Understand the role of Garbage Collectors in JavaScript


  • Functions
  • Function Execution & Memory Management
  • Variable Shadowing & Closures
  • Garbage Collection


  • Defining and calling functions
  • Using global and local variables

Objects and Event Handling

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn to use the benefits of Objects and Event Handling in JavaScript. After completing this module, you should be able to:

  • Create and use objects
  • Access BOM methods and elements
  • Access HTML Elements through DOM objects
  • Understand how to change HTML Element style with DOM
  • Attach Event Listeners to DOM elements
  • Validate HTML forms before sending a request to the Server


  • Objects
  • Browser Object Model (BOM)
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • Events
  • Validations


  • Access and Change HTML elements
  • Change the value of some of the CSS Properties
  • Perform Validations on HTML Form elements

Libraries and Frameworks

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn the different libraries and frameworks of JavaScript. At the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Identify and work with errors/exceptions
  • Use JSON and AJAX
  • Identify the difference between libraries, frameworks and tools
  • Differentiate between JQuery and JavaScript


  • Errors
  • JSON
  • AJAX
  • Libraries and frameworks
  • JQuery
  • Difference between JavaScript and JQuery


  • Error Handling
  • Installation of JQuery

JQuery – Functions & DOM

Learning Objectives: In this module, you will learn to validate forms and handle events using JQuery. At the end of this module, you should be able to:

  • Use functions with JQuery
  • Understand the usage of selectors in JQuery
  • Traverse through and modify the DOM elements using JQuery
  • Apply effects and animations in DOM


  • Functions
  • JQuery Forms
  • Form Validations
  • Event Handling
  • AJAX with JQuery
  • Plugins


  • Validate form elements using JQuery
  • Using plugins for accessing various pre-existing methods

About the course

This course is designed to introduce you to the concepts of JavaScript and explain the fundamentals for front-end development. The course will provide an overview of the syntax and various aspects of programming using JavaScript and its Library, JQuery. As a beginner, you will be learning the importance of objects and error handling methods, which will boost your programming skills. The course is fed with examples, which makes the learning more interesting.

Course Objectives

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Design functional website on the clients-side
  • Create, update and delete HTML elements
  • Use Objects to access and change Browser properties
  • Validate HTML Forms
  • Optimize code using JavaScript Library: JQuery

What are the pre-requisites for this course?

Pre-requisite for learning JavaScript & Jquery:

  • Basic knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Knowledge on Programming Language

What are the system requirements for this course?

The system requirement for this course is a system with Intel i3 processor or above, minimum 3GB RAM (4GB recommended) and an operating system can be of 32bit or 64 bit. In addition you require a browser and a text editor.

How will I execute the practicals?

  • A browser that supports JavaScript and a text editor
  • Include JQuery Library in your JavaScript to run it

Which case studies will be a part of the course?

  • Design a quiz on any topic, where you will have a set off questions and answers.
    • You also should maintain a scoreboard/progress bar for the number of questions attempted correct
    • Every correct answer should change to green color and every wrong one would change to red
    • At the end of the quiz, show the results with a smiley holding a card reading:
      • Excellent (if the score if between 90-100)
      • Good (if the score if between 70-89)
      • Average (if the score if between 50-69)
      • Poor (if the score if between 0-49)
  • Using JQuery, code a Railway reservation form. Take input from user like
    • Name
    • Age
    • Destination
    • Boarding Point
    • Class
    • Train number

    Perform validations like:

    • Check if the age of the passenger is more than 60, if yes, pop up an alert with the message – passenger is senior citizen.

Will I get placement assistance?

To help you in this endeavor, we have added a resume builder tool in your LMS. Now, you will be able to create a winning resume in just 3 easy steps. You will have unlimited access to use these templates across different roles and designations. All you need to do is, log in to your LMS and click on the “create your resume” option.

Who are the instructors?

All the instructors at CertAdda are practitioners from the Industry with minimum 10-12 yrs of relevant IT experience. They are subject matter experts and are trained by CertAdda for providing an awesome learning experience to the participants.

What if I have more queries?

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